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"The 34 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Physiotherapy" 

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  ''I Would Use Thorpes Every Time'' Mark M, 50, Fleet

I have been fortunate enough to have been referred to Jonathan Smith at Thorpes on a number of occasions, each one having a successful outcome and indeed the first occasion saw Jonathan diagnose a condition that had been misdiagnosed by over a dozen professionals over a number of years. If my experience is typical, Jonathan has a determination to diagnose and treat so as to ensure the best possible outcome for his patient, referencing not just his own vast expertise but that of others where necessary. I would use Thorpes every time.  

''Absolutely Fantastic'' Laura M, 40, Yateley 

  I have been to Thorpes Physiotherapy a couple of times, the first time I had a problem with my knee and recently a problem with my back. The Physiotherapist was extremely supportive and encouraging both times and managed to resolve both problems trying a variety of treatments. I would highly recommend Thorpes the care I have received has been absolutely fantastic.